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Exploring California Insects
Insect PhotoBank

The Goal of Insect Photography in the Exploring California Insects Program

  Exploring California Insects (ECI) is a program of ISMC. ECI is conducting photographic surveys of California Insects. These images are published into an online insect PhotoBank. Images also are used in other publications, including BugPeople field guides and curriculum. Users may obtain access to these images, usually without cost.
  Entomology is already a complex science. The science requires strong backgrounds in biology, physiology, chemistry and mathematics. Work with insects also requires tolerances for conditions and subjects that already are unusual, or which may be harmful. The applications of the science spans many disciplines. Molecular systematics, environmental science, medicine, public health and many, many others all have stakes in the success of the science. The ECI Insect PhotoBank offers these images so that entomologists need not also learn about insect photography.
  Today, many legislators, environmentalists, organizations, naturalists and teachers are involved in a race to protect natural history, including the unique ecosystems and biology of California. Insects, because of their diversity, abundance and articulation into every habitat and niche are vitally important to understand and record.
  The Insect PhotoBank has recorded thousands of photographs, representing thousands of species. The photographs are identified accurately. Hopefully, these photos will aid in the preservation of California?s unique ecosystems and in the preservation of California?s biodiversity.

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As of May 31, 2005, the ECI website contained 2,374 images of more than a thousand specimens. The PhotoBank is being reconstructed for viewing by insect group, location and photographer.

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